So here I go.

Welcome to my blog!  I plan on posting here stream-of-conciousness style so it may not be the most fun thing to read.  I know no one will be reading it anyway.  I suppose it's mostly for me to log my chess progression and thoughts on it.  Kind of like a personal journal... but strictly for chess.

I am confused about my chess skill.  OTB I have beaten a handfull of people that I know that play chess.  Admittedly they have a casual interest in chess at best.  However, I come away from playing against them (4-0 yesterday OTB) feeling pretty good.  I know I'm bad but I can't help feeling a little more confident.  Then I play on and get beaten so badly it's embarassing!  I have looked for the lowest skill-rating player I could find and still ended up losing narrowly.  One thing that frustrates me is the fact that most people seem to be playing ten-minute-or-less games.  I cannot stand quick games like that.  Maybe I'll just have to resort to seeking my own games on my own terms.  Half an hour per side is more like it at least.  I also feel I can calculate moves much better looking at a real board and pieces.  I need to get better at PC chess since I'll be playing 90% of my chess on it.

I volunteered to be a greeter and play unrated games with newcomers.  I figure I may be terrible at chess but I know how to use and can answer any questions while I get beaten.  At least the games are unrated.  Foot in mouth


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    It simply means "over the board."  Playing with a physical chess board in person.  Thanks for reading. :)

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    interesting, but what does 'OTB' mean?

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    I read somewhere that you have to loose before you can ever win.  I too sometime need a board near me to look at as opposed to the PC.  I have one right next to my chair, near the pc, so  have the best of both worlds.  I too lke the longer thinking times. 

    When you and I played I moved fairly fast but only because we played an opening I was familiar with.  If not, i would of been taking longer. 

    I thnk you played well! I would only suggest to develop your pieces faster.  There is a skill to everything.  It all takes practice.  Even the Grand Masters struggle but t is relative to their strength. 

    perhaps you and I can find simlar skilled players and just all play until we feel we need more of a challenge.

    If you are looking for a PC software, try Fritz 12, its amazing!!

    I thought I would say that I enjoyed your blog and I hope you write more!

    Your friend in Phoenix :)


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