i am not boring. i just act like it.

    • Embarrassing Losses Pt. 1

      This is the first time I've ever seriously tried to analyze a game. So, please don't be too caustic in your refutation of what my weak attempts. But, I do like feedback! I would love to learn from your experience. This is a game that I feel I sho... | Read More

    • the best chessboard ever. really.

      my first date with jenny was to the junior/senior dance at our university. the posters advertising the event recommended that we "dress to impress"--well, jenny seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor, so i half-jokingly suggested we... | Read More

    • ancient sound, abstract on black

      although this game is far from noteworthy (or even moderately interesting), it is the first game that i have completed on "chess.com," and thus i feel compelled to publish a fully annotated version here. i have set my opponent to "a... | Read More