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    • TO G6 OR NOT TO G6!

             Frank Marshall Dear chess lovers, I like to browse chess books from different eras, and in doing so I sometimes find patterns that are beautiful, and poignant; patterns that are inherited from one generation to the next.... In thi... | Read More

    • David Bronstein- A Giant Among Chessplayers, Part 1

      I am all admiration for Bronstein on many levels....as a chessplayer, as a person and as a teacher. I regret not having met him in person, but through his books I feel him. He is one of my favorite writers, among whom are Bronstein, Tal, Tartakow... | Read More

    • Chigorin Defense (Two Knights Defense) (C59) in the Italian Game

      In the last few years, the elite players have been using more and more the Italian Game, namely 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4. In most of the games I have seen, black replies 3...Bc5, and we have seen many games in which White goes for a d3 system, whi... | Read More

    • Marshall's Attack is Actually Chigorin's Idea!

      In 1918, in New York, Frank Marshall sprung a novelty on Capablanca, and almost defetead the great Cuban. In this game the famous Marshall Attack was born. Among modern elite players, Leko and Aronian have both played it with success. What I did ... | Read More

    • A Friendly Game

      My friend, Suren, is slightly better than me, to say the least. His understanding of chess is somewhat deeper than me. I am always starting the attack too early, and I usually have to resort to tricks... Recently we played two casual games...no c... | Read More

    • Learning from the Elders, Part 1- Rook on the 7th Rank

      We have all heard about the dangers of allowing the opponent's rook on its seventh rank...I just want to illustrate this point with three games in which the presence of the rook in the 7th rank had a decisive effect in the outcome of the game. The... | Read More

    • Modern Twist on Ancient Knowledge

      Hi! Lately, following the lead of great Masters such as Capablanca, Lasker, Fischer, Bronstein and Kramnik, I have been exploring the games of Masters from the late 19th Century. Two books by Jimmy Adams have been indispensable in this regard; b... | Read More

    • Carlsen's Style Is Not New- Check Out Rubinstein!

      Many things are written about how the current GMs are so much better than the older generations, but as someone who grew up looking at games of the old Masters, such as Alekhine, Capablanca and others, I beg to differ. Besides, who did the new ... | Read More

    • Bronstein and Anand....Tactical Beauty in Common, 58 Years Apart!

      Hi! David Bronstein (1924-2006) is one of my favorite players of all time. David Bronstein Among modern players, Anand, Kramnik, Carlsen, Aronian are all players I like a lot. Bronstein's book, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", is an excellent res... | Read More

    • A Tactical Theme Spanning Generations

      Sometimes tactical themes are learned and repeated from generation to generation... Take the first example in this blog, for instance. It is game number 10 from the World Championship match in 1966 between world Champion Tigran Petrosian and the ... | Read More