Kazakhnomad's wanderings

You know how the mind wanders when you are wondering what the next move will be of your opponent, especially when 12 time zones away in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    • Two Sad Stories about Human Trafficking

      Two stories I heard recently about human trafficking both sicken me and they make me want to do MORE to help those who are trapped in Kazakhstan.  The first is about a woman I know named Candy (fictitious name) and her sister who are from Guatem... | Read More

    • Leadership Quotes and Core Values at our University

      The following are the Core Values that should be our trademark as a Western institution of higher learning in Kazakhstan, approved by the Board of Trustees at a Nov. 20, 2009 meeting. 1. We value the well-being of our students, faculty, and ... | Read More

    • Quotes and a Joke from an American Optimistic Realist

      I love a quote used by John Piper which I found on his Facebook status. Back in the mid-1980s I first heard about Kazakhstan when he talked about this Central Asian land.  Perhaps he knew about it from his German connection. Back then, nobody rea... | Read More

    • "As Good As It Gets" in Kazakhstan

      I feel like the Helen Hunt character, Carol the waitress,  from “As Good As It Gets” which came out the same year Titanic did.  Both Jack Nicholson and Hunt deftly swept up the Best Actor and Best Actress award against all the other awards T... | Read More

    • "Piebald Dog Running Along the Shore" Quotes

      I wanted to share a few quotes with my readers the wonder of this little short story by Chingiz Aitmatov. You can find on the Internet and read it for yourself.  Though short, the haunting refrains of a father-son relationship with an old grand... | Read More

    • Kyrgyz Chingiz Aitmatov's Writings

      Thanks to the work of Russian or Kyrgyz translators and Iraj Bashiri’s efforts to put Chingiz Aitmatov’s writings on the Internet in English, I just finished reading the simple little story by Aitmatov titled “Piebald Dog Running Along the... | Read More

    • Soviet Logical Fallacies from Kazakh Perspective

      The following are logical fallacies used by the Soviets as written by my Kazakh students told to them from their parents or grandparents’ perspective. M.K. Strawman Argument – In Soviet Union it showed that crime level was low, but the real... | Read More

    • The Embrace of Stalinism (Part II)

      “The Embrace of Stalinism”  by Arseny Roginsky   This paper was read at a conference on the History of Stalinism in Moscow on 5 December 2008) The search for a Great Russia At a certain level, that of personal recollections, the terror... | Read More

    • The Embrace of Stalinism - Books of memory (Part III)

      The Embrace of Stalinism by Arseny Roginsky   Books of memory Books of memory are one reference point about the memory of Stalinism. These books, published in the majority of Russian regions, form a library of almost 300 volumes. They contai... | Read More

    • The Embrace of Stalinism (Part I)

      This paper, written by Arseny Roginsky, was read at a conference on the History of Stalinism in Moscow on 5 December 2008, I have broken it down into three parts, I thought it was fitting after sharing for the past month stories from my Kazakh stu... | Read More