Bits of Advice to Win! Win! Win!

There are bits of advice for winning at chess. Some of these bits, though small, can be the difference in winning or losing. Some can help a beginner take the next step toward a more solid game and improved play and rating. Consider some of the following bits of advice. Then, please leave a comment with others you have found helpful!

Bits of Advice to Win:

  • Concentrate!
  • Play a solid opening.
  • Make the best move every time!
  • For most players, open with a center pawn.
  • Develop your pieces!
  • Gain control of the center.
  • Avoid moving a piece twice in the opening (unless absolutely necessary).
  • Castle quickly without sacrificing development and momentum.
  • Don't just move; move with a plan and purpose!
  • Plans must be short and examined from both sides of the board.
  • Avoid trading pieces of equal value unless there is a clear advantage or you are ahead by at least five points.
  • Where possible, prevent your opponent from castling.
  • In the middle game, avoid moving and causing pawn chain weakness.
  • After the opening, evaluate every possible move by considering the following: your current material, king safety, enemy attacks, ability of your pieces to move/attack, and pawn structure.
  • When in even but cramped positions, look for strategic opportunities to exchange pieces.
  • Knights are frequently better than bishops in cramped positions.

What else would you add? Add a comment below.


  • 9 years ago


    If a pawn up, trade pieces, if a piece down, trade pawns. Usually!
  • 9 years ago


    If you are up by 5, it is usually safe to trade, for that matter usually even safer to trade.  I have come by some embarrasing defeats by trying to make smarty pants moves trying to push someone  around to maintain tempo rather than trade off.
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