The King who Spoke for us ALL...

Mt. Everest or Mt. Olympus?  This great orator climbed all the way to the mountaintop...And More than 40 years later...Never has this speech been so relevant to EACH and EVERY one of us.  Listen to it carefully...He spoke for ALL of us.

Dr. King gave this historic speech on April 3, 1968.  He was killed the next day, on April 4, 1968.


Martin Luther King

January 5, 1929 - April 4, 1968


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    There needs to be another King placed in that list who believed in peace, loved all and hung out with the poor guys and the lower cast.  There wasn't a man who wanted peace more, who was killed too! BUT that story has a happy ending too!  He overcomes in the end...  :)

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    Good...then this story has a happy ending after all.



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    Well...that could ALSO be true!! lol

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    RB...looks like you're having problems posting the youtube video. changed the process with youtube postings to the comment field.  

    The "use old embed code" box is no longer checked.Kiss

    Hope that helps!

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    You probably mean this one...

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    Interesting and timeless.  And the struggle continues to today.

    King and Ghandi. 

    Both fought with the weapon of nonviolent PEACEFUL protest. 

    Both were men of peace. 

    Both men loved freedom. 

    Both men loved their fellow man. 

    And yet both were killed. 

    It's a very strange world we live say the least!

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