Poem For a Special Lady

Love is a cloak and dagger

While hard to find

It strikes surprisingly at any time.

With a single blow to the heart

Love leaves us paralyzed

Helpless to resist its warming embrace

And when love lets us go

It takes a piece of us with it

So we can never feel whole

Until love finds us again.

When I first saw you,

You took my breath away.

When I first met you,

You almost made me faint.

When I first kissed you...

Wait, that hasn't happened yet.

But I still love you  when i first met you, you were my light

with a golden heart, my gentle Queen

The good and the bad times, we've been through them all

You make me rise when I fall

the key to my heart, the cause of my love

and creation that god has sent from above,

the angel of light, the moon in the sky

To a Special Lady