My idea of the elements of Strategy.

The Elements of Strategy.

    1) Quality - (known as Position - Capablanca and Quality of Position - Kasparov)

        i) Safety: (inc King safety) The safety of the units (including the King) from potential risk such as threats, captures and tactical risk.
                Tactical and Combinative possibilities

        ii) Exertion: The influence of the units in relation to the geometry of the board.
            key square
            "     rank
            "     file
            "     diagonal
        iii) Placement: The placement of the units in relation to themselves.
            space (territory)
            harmony (co-ordination)
                Indirect attack
            scope (mobility, freedom)
                Tactical possibilities
            pawn structure
    2) Material - The numerical value of the units (force) on the board, and their relative value determined by other positional factors.
            Bishop / Knight imbalance
                1) Restriction
                2) Favourbility (ex. Knights in closed positions and pawns on one side of the board.)
    3) Time (and development) - Two types of time 1) inside the board and 2) outside time. Inside the board is development measured in tempi and the time outside the board is the right to move.

    4) Initiative - Existing in positions where the equilbrium of attack and defense has been disturbed. The advantage belonging to the offender, the ability to dictate the game through persistant threats.

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