Two Queens for You None for Me

This is a sorta interesting game, not perfect defense by my opponent but I get the win with 16 seconds to go. Oh and he had two queens I had none. Dont believe me? Look at the game!


I think games like these are truly hard to find! Especially to play! Mikhail Tal is my all time favorite player alongside other greats but this game really reminds me of Morphy. Am I Morphy re incarnated? Im just not ruling it out... Ha ha.

Thanks for reading!


  • 5 years ago


    @_OverLordGoldDragon but he's in check! Lol. When he queens I can check him into checkmate and he cant block it... Thats the whole point of this blog post! I wouldnt have posted it if it were that simple to lose, but yes one simple improvement and I would have lost. But thats what I like about these games I play, right on the edge. It seems like every game I play like this. But thanks for commenting! Your the first to ever comment on my blog! Happy days! Lol.

  • 5 years ago


    If 25. Qa1 followed by qh1 then you'd be DEAD

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