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    • Positional chess heuristics

            Hi guys! Now that the summer is practically over I finally have time to share some of the adventures which took place in Europe and New York. In Switzerland, I was happy to score 6/11 with 2 draws against GMs, 2 against IMs, 1 draw with a... | Read More

    • The magic of well-placed pieces

      Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last wrote and now that it's summer, it's easier to catch up with everything non-academic. To be honest, I'm writing because I have some free time on my hands since I sprained my ankle playing soccer...two w... | Read More

    • 2013 Pan-American championships, and attacking without risk

      Hi everyone, and happy new year! Over the last year or so, I've bought the domain mikeivanov.ca for my website, made business cards, and currently considering starting a chess school somewhere in the Toronto area. As for playing, Hart House Holida... | Read More

    • Enough or not enough? That is the question...

      Hi everyone! It feels nice to write after another long break filled with studying, playing and teaching. Among the big projects I've been working on is my new personal website: https://sites.google.com/site/nmmikeivanovschess/home Please check i... | Read More

    • Opa gambit style!

      Hi everyone, finally got a chance to write again! Grade 12 is going fine so far, and as for teaching, private students and group lessons both have their own plusses and minuses as it turns out. I'm still looking for more students for weekdays so ... | Read More

    • selected games from WYCC, Toronto jr. and holiday open championships

      It's been a while since I shared some of my games here but the winter holidays are great for doing things you never have time to do. Over the last 6 months I found chess to be really important in my life and therefore one of my top priorities. I'... | Read More

    • Selected games from 2011 Labour Day open part 2

      After my miraculous first round win I had plenty of energy left for my second game although like my friends said I wouldn't have been ashamed if I lost the rest of my games. Nevertheless I wanted to win my section and was hungry for victory in my ... | Read More

    • selected games from 2011 Labour day open part 1

        Last weekend on 3-5 September I played in the 2011 Labour Day open to get experience more then anything else. One sad thing about this tourney is that the day after it ends the school year starts and having just finished my first week of scho... | Read More

    • selected games from Canadian youth and Canadian open championships

      So after finishing my exhausting job as a chess teacher at a local camp I have two weeks left till summer's over. I also have 16 games from the tournaments I played in July, some of them flat-out insane which will be the ones I'll analyze here. Ju... | Read More

    • My games from Ontario Open 2011

      I Finally got around to posting some of my games here which is something I wanted to do for a long time. I was very doubtful that I could get to this tournament in the first place since it's a two-hour + ride on a bus to the tournament hall from m... | Read More