2012 Oregon Winter Open Part 5

Round five was Sunday at ~2 pm. I had 2.5/4 so, +1 overall. I was paired against James Chan, a strong player (~2050), and I started getting a headache so I didn't feel that great going into the game, probably as a result of my lack of sleep the night before. 

Lucky for me is that I had white, so I had a slight easier go of it.

I just dropped the game within the space of 2 moves. Blame fatigue, sloppiness, or whatever, but my fault. Anyway 2.5/5 for playing in the Open section. Not good enough for best under 2000 prize, but good enough given my average opponent was like 2000. My rating went up from 1695 to 1770. So itwas a pretty big jump. I hope I can play at least this well in my next tournament! It would be exciting to get over 1800.

here is the cross table for the event. 


  • 19 months ago


    I like what you've done here, Alex. Good blog and analysis. The only caveat: I would have struggled to keep my black sqaured bishop. It was controlling a lot of space adn served as a strong counterpoint to the black fianchetto.

  • 4 years ago


    Thanks James! 

    Don't know if I'll see you again at a tournament, but I hope I'll continue to play reasonably well.

  • 4 years ago


    Good game Alex!

    You are definitely way stronger than you rating suggests. I'm sure you will hit 1800 or even 1900 this year if you are consistent. Cool blog!


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