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    • Playing a cheater

      I recently played an instructive game, however my opponent was tried and hung as a cheater.   So, what did I learn from this game? If I am worried about losing material, make sure it isn't poison before I defend it. Be careful about when you ... | Read More

    • A fork in the road

      Knights love forks, and it is really satisfying to use them, especially if there is ribs or steak at the end! You feel in control when you do them, and if your opponent is the one threatening the fork, you always have to be wary of them. Here is ... | Read More

    • Shirov - Kramnik, 73rd Tata Steel

      I decided to do a Solitaire chess game, and the game I chose was Shirov vs Kramnik, in a Tata Steel tournament. What I like about this excercise, is that you KNOW you are going to win, and I knew I was going to beat Shirov! What a boost in my mora... | Read More

    • Whats going on here?

      On Dan I learned of an exercise called the "Stoyko Exercise." Named after named after FM Steve Stoyko, the exercise has you looking at a complicated position for an hour, writing down all the probable lines you see, and at the end of t... | Read More

    • Puzzle on how to win this endgame

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    • try this chess puzzle

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