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Someone please help ....Chess.com   Help If I get a free 10 day membership why do I need to give you my CC# Have been a member for over 2 years have over 1050 friends here I would like to see If its that much better I would upgrade But when you give me a free 10 day make it a free 10 day I dont want to give you my cc#


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    I usedit....np's. Am now a happy paid-up member

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    Thank you for the info..

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    They ask for the CC# to make sure you don't create another account for enjoying free trial Pre. Memb. for 10 more days. 

    If they never asked for it, people would've created hundreds of IDs by now just for getting some more days of luxury. 

    So what it basically means that if you put a CC# once, you won't EVER be able to enter the same CC# for availing the trial membership for ANY other acc, which means that the same person cannot enjoy its benefits twice. 

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    If You want the service ... you can buy it.

    If You want try the service You must show that You can buy it.

    I love the service to go in more as one thematic tournament.

    The service chess.com database ... I do love too.

    Thus I saved money & I got first the gold & later the platinum membership.

    The timout-protection is good for me,

    because I don`t know when I´m home from work.

    Sometimes I am not in the internet for one week.

    The chess.com workers work here well & diligently.

    They want to finance their life & the life of their families with this work.

    They perform good work here.

    On the other hand, you can be of use PaPal

    & for one month pay around it to try out.

    I let pay a companion... he got immediately his money from me.

    I decided on the service without free test time.

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    good question, i have a paid membership so it doesn't apply to me; but it is a good question nonetheless

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