Analysis Medley #3: Lead Zeppelin



The pictures should be more than clear: It's been a horrible "chess season" for me.

It's been a long while since I've blogged about my games. Probably the main reason is mentioned in the title: I've been sinking like a "lead" zeppelin in almost all tournaments I've participated in (as far as I know, this concept is where the name of the actual band comes from.)

This was partly due to time out losses, but more than that, I simply didn't have enough time make my moves, and had to blitz through every game. This ended in a very long and dreadful series of losses, which I'm willing to share with you as the first step of a resurrection.

In my new year chess resolutions, I had set my rating goal as 2300 at the end of the year, and now I've fallen below 1900. I don't know how it's going to happen, but I still believe when I cut down on my games, I can play at a level above 2000. 2300 seems impossible to reach at the end of the year at this point, but I'll try to gather my motivation back, and even if I have no chances of advancing in a tournament, I'll at least try to fight for the rating in the remaining games.

OK. Here begins the medley: not analyzed very deeply, but tried to give a sense of what happened, mentioning the critical points of the games.



















Here, I'd like to share the pre-game and post-game comments of myself and my opponent, simply because I enjoyed it:

Skytale: A toast to the glory of Chess. Either you're toast or I'm toast.

philidor_position: sounds like a worthy toast :) hello and hand shake :)

Skytale: As White can only maybe win with his extra man if Black continues to fight to win eg 11 Kg1-h1, Qf2xd4 12 Bd3xNe4 , and as Black can force a draw by 11...Qf2-h4+, White accepts the draw. An interesting opening, something new I think.


It was a game I drew without making a move of my own. A book draw, that was, but a nice chat. I hope my opponent doesn't mind me sharing it here.


And finally, a win, with a tactical shot I enjoyed. This gives me motivation and hope to carry on trying hard to improve at chess:


Thanks to all my opponents for the games, and thanks for reading, hope I could make it worthwhile. All analysis here is done with the help of the chess engine Fire 1.3.
I'll try to blog more frequently from now on, with deeper analysis and hopefully with better & more enthusiastic games! As always, all feedback is welcome. Bye!


  • 6 years ago

    IM Kacparov

    Just forget and play on!

  • 6 years ago


    Have to disagree with hicetnunc, only on the number. I myself am pretty happy to get down to 16 (over 20 can get bad) and feel like I can fully concentrate in each game. But then, I say this having the liberties of a ton of vacation time (well... not anymore, down to 4 days), and a lot of time for chess.

    I don't see how, if you play and study consistently, your overall strength could actually drop. If your losses are because you didn't have enough time to make your move, then there you go, perfect excuse. I have always had ups and downs about my chess. Sometimes I just see every tactic coming and come up with a great plan to achieve a dominating position, and convert in style. Other times it's the exact opposite: my eyes only care to look at one part of the board and miss tactics anywhere else, or another problem is that I overanalyze my plans being the perfectionist that I am and come up with something too cute. You just need to accept the fact that, until you're really good anyway, your play will probably have many ups and downs and it's normal. As long as you're figuring out what the correct ideas and tactics were and where you went wrong (not that that's an easy task) and are willing to keep learning about the game from the masters your play should steadily improve. Mine has. Sometimes I get mad that I haven't improved in even just a few weeks or a month, yet as chess is such a complex game that couldn't be any more normal.

    Someone mentioned taking a break. That's a good idea (though my breaks are never longer than a whole day or two but it does the trick). Once you get back to it you will feel less concerned and fresher when playing and analyzing the game.

  • 6 years ago


    Yes Jilf, Led Zeppelin means "Lead" Zeppelin, the band is named with the same idea of this blog post: sinking down on water.

  • 6 years ago


    led zeppelin?

  • 6 years ago


    Thanks for the good wishes and advice seagull1756. Normally I try to annotate my games more seriously and deeply in my blog, try to explain my plans etc. along the way, but it's hard to do that when you've spent only a few seconds on every move and make impulsive choices almost every time. I did this blog post as a homework, to be able to recollect my motivation to make a comeback, it did feel tedious. Smile

  • 6 years ago


    I knew a guy who had about 50 games going at one point - and he was proud of it. The results were awful: he started making horrific blunders OTB, his performance for the team was 40 BCF points below his rating, and he lost pretty much every single game he could lose. I strongly agree that having more than 10 (for me, 5-6 is ideal) games is a suicide.

    Also, even your annotations betray the fact that you don't pay as much attention to the details as you should be (confusing h3 with h6 etc). This is simply a matter of attitude, and I am sure once you go on a diet (but play every game giving 200 percent of what you can give, fully concentrating on what's going on: this mental toughness is crucial), your results will dramatically improve.

    Good luck!

  • 6 years ago


    hicetnunc, absolutely agree with you. I remember the days I paid duly attention to all my games. They were not only of a higher quality, but they were a lot more fun too. Now making moves in my games feel like a chore. I'll definitely decrease my game load.

  • 6 years ago


    Haven't looked at the games yet, but you can't reasonably expect to play at full strength against decent opposition if you have more than 6-7 games going on I think (maybe 10 is the upper limit if you really have lots of time for your chess). Many people fall in this trap and overload themselves Smile 

  • 6 years ago


    OK to be honest I didnt' look at any of the games except the last. I really like Nxf7 :)

  • 6 years ago


    Looks like someone needs a break. When you decide to come back to chess, you'll probably snap out of hanging pieces and miscalculating out the arse.

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