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This is a more advanced puzzle aimed at 1600+ level players, I'd appreciate any feedback or comments. Enjoy!! Smile


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    @stephenson2 - the queen is the only piece that can move of white's everything else is pinned. 3.Rc8! by black is a strong sacrifice that opens the c-file for the white king to escape, meaning that to draw the game, the white queen cannot forcefully sacrifice herself leading to stalemate, but perpetual check must be achieved in order to draw the game. White cannot afford to trade queens as in your diagram because then it is a completely lost game for white. The best white can get is a draw and can only be achieved with perpetual queen checks. I hope this helps.

    My engine gives 2 concrete lines for a draw by repetition, analysed to a depth of 30.


    I hope the following diagrams were helpful to anyone with queries! Smile

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    I am not a 1600 player and I think only of checkmate or getting mated Draws are merely mate defered. I do not use computers to analize my wacko ideas so please say what I am missing

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    Comments noted thanks guys! That's the beauty of chess puzzles - when composed, they don't have to be a completely realistic position, but the solver must be able to read the position and find the solution, and that solution isn't always a win... I've solved lots of puzzles that just win a pawn or stop checkmate.

    Houdini confirms that 6.Qg3+!! leads to a repetition, I'll give some more detail and post the main line up - I didn't want the puzzle to be 15 moves deep so I stopped it at 6 moves.

    But thanks for the feedback, it has been noted and appreciated Smile

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    I love puzzles. Keep on making them.


    Since all white pieces beside the white rook is tied up, it must be a rook move. Since you write 1/2 1/2 on top, and white also is hopeless behind in material, Rxf8 and a8Q must be the moves. So these two was easy to find. The starting position seems a bit odd, since white rook is on a8, and black seems to be going for a mate soon... So it is a question why he hasn't already.. But let's say he has been sleeping in classroom for a couple of moves.


    I think you should justify a bit how white should proceed after 3...Kf7 and also give 4...Kf7 and 4...Bf6 some comments. Kh6 and placing him out of the woods I am not sure is blacks best defence.


    And after 6.Qg3+, black later has the options of possible placing his queen in guard between a checking white queen and his king at Qf5+. So I am not totally convinced that 6.Qg3+ is a dead draw. I think I would have played on for some more moves with black pieces.

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    Nice. The last thing I thought of was the possibility of a draw. I always get so caught up in mating ideas...

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