Value your King, not your Queen

        I'm trying this new downloaded Chess Database software of mine, I watched a couple of games of my favorite Chess heroes and this one caught my attention and brought a smile in my face even though it's raining outsied and I'm not feeling well. This game is played by my one of my idol in Chess, Paul Morphy. It's played in New Orleans Year 1858. Watch how Morphy positioned his pieces and attacked the open King of Black. enjoy.



Any positive/negative comments, suggestions and reactions are welcome.


  • 3 years ago


    yah more power....i like it

  • 6 years ago


    wow cool

  • 6 years ago


    Ancient players didn't think too much did they? I guess they valued fun more than accuracy. Games today are accurate to an extreme but dull to very dull, 99 percent of the time.

  • 6 years ago


    Nice :)

  • 6 years ago


    i love the sacrifices ( imean the "baits")... glad U have posted this my friend.

    it's worth viewing and truly educational..

    i do appreciate this one.. more power Sir r.i.p

  • 6 years ago


    ayos gagayahin ko yan

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