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    • On the matter of rating

      Too many people judge you on rating.I know a person who's rating is 650 but is as good a chess  player who is a thousand.My rating is 700 but I beat  somebody who's rating is 1000.Because some ones rating is 700 does not mean their a bad ches... | Read More

    • The secound king

      I can not tell you how many times people give up their queen for a rook or a knight.The queen is to be taken down at all costs.The  queen is like a secound king.If you have a queen and your opponent does not then you will win the game unless you ... | Read More

    • stupid me

      I am normally a good chess player but I was'nt paying attion and this guy got past m.Anyway I thought this might be helpful to beginners. | Read More

    • Sneaky check mate

      I have talked about the improtance  of pairs before. This is a sneaky check mate you can do with two knights. As you can see  the opponent is caught by  surprize. | Read More

    • For all the people on chess.com who suck

      There is a reason why you guys suck.Chess is game for smart people  hundreds of improtant people play it.You suck at chess because of one of the  three things you dont do.Think before you move. You are not good at stratagy.Or you just plain old ... | Read More

      • rick1234573
      • | Apr 30, 2012
    • The mentle part of chess

      Today I will talk about the defence being not just defence but a offence as well.The chess board shows my type of defence that I think is the fort knox of chess.In this defence the opponent slowly goes nuts trying to take it down the defence.In... | Read More

    • tournaments

      Tournaments are  the hardest part of chess live.During a tounament you my play against the best person on chess live.Before entering a tournament you have to think do i stand a chance against sombody when their rating is 2000 because to win  you... | Read More

    • two the importance of pair

      And god said to noah gather two of every animal.The importance of pairs is so  valuebaI in chess I think one of the best defences involes two bishops and two knights to gether.YOU will be very good at chess if you learn to manipulate pairs.The b... | Read More

    • live chess sucks

      My live chess says I don't play farly and I  do.When It  aborts  a game it says server aborted game then it puts the blame on me and makes me wait five minutes to wait to play another game.What the @##$  you can't  abort the game only the ... | Read More

    • my first check mate on chess.com

      Im not a beginner but it  took my a while to gety my first check mate on chess.com do to the fact I played really good chess players.Also because the chess players I beat wimped out so this isnt the first chess game ive won on chess.com | Read More