Knight fun

I played an OTB game yesterday at my local club and lost to a stupid move.  I failed to cover one of my pawns early on and a knight swooped in forked my rook and queen and took my rook.  I was a stronger player with less experience on the OTB and I lost.  No excuse!  I should have prevented it but I did not! I then put up a hell of a fight and my opponent probably needed oxygen afterwards...  I didn't mind losing so much... I think he really appreciated the win!

So, when I got home I played some live games and this is one of them...  I prefer my bishops usually to my knights but after this game... i am thinking of being neutral on that thought and just going with the flow!


I hope you enjoyed this... 

Good luck out there.... I'll be seeing you soon!

Remember to look out for new Satom International Tournaments!

Here is a little i am starting; check it out or not:


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    Not sure how much of what you had there was planned but looked like you played quite extraordinary! :D

    You had the Knights and kept the game closed much of the time. That along with the Knight moves at the end were exceptional! :D Keep it up!

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