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Well, here it is!

    • A story

      It's been quite a while sense I last wrote a story; so compair contrast, do whatever you want. I want this to be something like Lovecraft, any helpful comments would be appreciated. Also, if I post this before I actually finish it; feel free to th... | Read More

    • Chess Conspericy

      This is a story of how a chess "team" (the white color) fell apart at the seams due to something that leaked into the pawns. Enjoy, it is weird. This story was written from the Rook's perceptive. People think that I am slow, I'm not; I simply ch... | Read More

    • Sanatarium

      I think this short story may be a dud, I'm sorry if this is bad. It is the other type of horror, the Bram Stoker Award type.   DAY 5617The men in the white coats want me to keep this journal, I don't know why, but I guess I have to write things... | Read More

    • A Zombie Story

      I'm sorry if this seems a bit bumpy at the beginning, I spent an hour working on this story, only to have deleted it. This is a  Basically it is 1930, the main character is Jacob Anglaham. Raven, the very first kid, comes back to this village ... | Read More

    • Not a story

      I'm sorry if you were looking for a story, because this isn't one. I just wanted to test out some things. I already figured out that runs on XHTML, and I'm going to play around. By the way, this is all from scratch; enjoy. Yippy!   Cl... | Read More

    • Unedited piece.

      Here's a Valkyrie fighting a Were. Enjoy, and add feedback when possible.  My leather coat is slapping against my calf, it doesn't hurt, but it's just that it makes a small noise every time it does. I don't have a name, only a very long number.... | Read More

    • The scene

      Just a pre-note, I changed the format for speech so that only the first line is indented, I just want to point that part out. I have to make a little act thingy, so I'm going to try and make one: CastKing N.ServantCriminal (Male)Victim (Female... | Read More

    • A New Poem

      In case you have not noticed;I like quotes, and I like writing, so I tried to put two different things together, please tell me if you likey. "Ligtning crashes, an old mother dies" "I hear a thunder in the distance" "Demons cluttering around/ M... | Read More

    • Some quotes

      I know this is a little off, but bare with me for this. I like quotes, and I have slowly been building an army of them; take a look: "for without the darkness, how can we see the light?" Me"In the darkest room, nothing changes, no fighting, no ... | Read More

    • The best genocide

      I'm trying out an epic, so I'm just saying. Please note; does not support Roman Numerals, so that's why I'm using numbers and whatever.   Book 1 An inky shadow crosses the open plane; it was casted by a dark shadow along the sun-bl... | Read More