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    • Lesson #3

      Classify        When you come upon a tactical idea, relate it to others you've seen. Also try to make analogies. ask questions such as "How is this situation similar to others? You may want to create your own catalog of tactics. In filing t... | Read More

    • Lesson # 2

       Think in Patterns and themes:       Notice how pieces work together (how, for example, a White Bishop on d3 often combines with the Queen on c2 to attack the enemy's h-pawn or turn the pieces around and you may have a powerful mating threa... | Read More

    • Know the Chessboard well

      Master and Teacher tend to differ in their recommendation, so there's no standard way to improve your strength in playing chess: Lesson #1. Learn to appreciate the way squares link up vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Color, can be import... | Read More

    • Royal Chess

      Behold of Holy Chess!      Ancient time during King Arthur, A knight discover a chess piece, a crystal glass Royal Chess. No one can touch or move the chesspiece, except though mind, word or the sorsorer. | Read More