Think twice! Mates missed in one game

There's not more frustrating than just after you made a bad move, you realize that you could ended the game quickly.

In this game, I played black and after some mistakes by both sides and some blunders we come to the position above after my 27...Bc2+, the white played 28.Kc1

After miss this chance, I blundered a lot and white equalized, so we come to this position with a mate in 2!

So, after I amost give a draw, we ended in the following position, with more opportunities missed!
The conclusion for me is:
I'm very noob, and need to learn and play more and more to get used to more patterns. Reviewing this game I was able to check and learn some better variations for the oppening, middle game and as shown here, endgame.
Hope this help someone or at least, have fun with the puzzles Laughing
The complete game follows:
See ya.


  • 4 years ago


    Agora com o Torneio Tactics Trainer você vai melhorar bastante...

  • 4 years ago


    An enjoyable post and I can only say that doing half an hour a day on the tactics trainer will make you much better at spotting these.

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