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    • How to refute the Scandinavian Gambit?

      I hate this opening for White.  This opening annoys the heck out of me, if for no other reason than that Black clearly doesn't feel like learning (what i consider) a "real" opening, so instead, Black plays this crap.  This MUST be bad.  When... | Read More

    • Why I hate soccer, Part 3

      I I just saw Uruguay beat Ghana in penalty kicks.  Prior to the penalty kick shoot-out, there was a penalty kick given to Ghana after Uruguay's star player, Suarez, deflected the ball WITH HIS HAND to prevent a goal.  By intentionally cheating... | Read More

    • Why I hate soccer (and FIFA), part 2

      The last weekend of World Cup Soccer was the most shameful display of officiating the world has ever seen.  Thank you FIFA!  You proved just about every point I made in a blog written a few weeks ago entitle, WHY I HATE SOCCER. http://blog.ches... | Read More

    • Why I hate soccer, Part 1

      There are many reasons why a rational person would hate soccer.  Yes, I am American, which means my soccer intelligence will be assumed to be rather low.  Yes, I do understand and appreciate the 'beauty' of brazilian midfielders samba-ing their ... | Read More

      • SpaceOddity
      • | Jun 20, 2010
    • Strategy, tactics, the psychological and the logical

      Banjoman writes in response to a blog claiming that strategy guides tactics: "Sorry, but if the goal of chess is to checkmate your opponent, and if checkmating your opponent is a tactical operation, then tactics guides strategy, rather than the o... | Read More

    • Is the best move always the 'perfect' move?

      I will try to argue here that the "perfect" move is not always the "best" move.  To make this case, I will first have to articulate the relevant distinctions and provide examples.  These examples will serve as counter-examples and, so, as anomal... | Read More

    • Is the 3 1 0 scoring system fair?

      On ICC, there was some heated discussion among GMs and amateurs alike concerning whether the 3 1 0 scoring system currently employed in the London tournament is fair or not.  One could also ask, regardless of whether it is fair, if the 3 1 0 syst... | Read More

      • SpaceOddity
      • | Dec 14, 2009
    • Why there cannot be a 'scientific' theory of chess

      This blog is partly in response to recent blogs about Steinitz 'scientific theory'of chess and partly a response to responses to that blog. | Read More