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Here are two games I played on live chess last night. I know that I got lucky on the first game, but I was quite pleased with the second game. Constructive crticism is appreciated.


  • 6 years ago


    Hey Supergamer! Great game (#2) for you. Well played. Your knights were wounderful, it was a sad death for the one though. The only constructive criticism I would offer for you is that on move 27. after Black's move 26....Kd7 I was hoping to see you to use your noble c7 Knight for the last time to further open up the center and bring his King out into range of your Rooks.

    For example: 27. Nxe6 Kxe6 (if fxe6 then Rxg6 an his pawns are finished). 28. Rad1 and his King is trapped in the middle with your rooks and other Noble knight ready to crush the king's only protection, the pawns. Yes, you would then have a Central Command :-)

    Thank you for sharing!

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