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    • Exciting slow chess league game.

      What a game!  I was facing the possibility of a strong attack which thankfully didn't occur and managed to find good counterplay on the queenside. Chess is truly magical at slower time controls with less mistakes and greater depth of play.  Eno... | Read More

    • Just take the draw.

      Better to draw then to lose. =)  A funny game of chess  | Read More

    • The Dangerous London .

      Every month I'm finding a little few ideas for the London here and there. The following game shows that you don't even need the London Bishop to win!  | Read More

    • The Pirc Slayer!

      I guess everyone has their own favorite opening to play against. Mine would be playing against the pirc defence. A quick check into my database explorer here shows that I am scoring well over 60% in the classical variation.    Although this ga... | Read More

    • Slow Chess League Win

      To win a slow chess league game takes patience, concentration and accuracy in view of the slower time controls. A win is always a great feeling but a lost always feels worse.   In the following game, I had the white pieces and thankfully a fav... | Read More

    • The swindle.

      Sometimes it helps to play moves which complicate the position. Such was the case here. I was losing but managed to induce a mistake from my opponent and thus won the game. Enjoy folks!  | Read More

    • Breaking ELO 1800 on longer time controls

      Finally broke 1800 on 15|10 min time controls. A good game it was too, nearly blotching it up in the end only to recover and deliver a mate after my opponent blundered.   Enjoy  | Read More

    • Another Pirc bites the dust

      The Pirc is one of the openings I seem to do well against as White.  Generally, I wouldn't recommend playing it as Black in a tournament situation unless one has done enough preparation.  Generally, White gets easily play and development and Bl... | Read More

    • A swashbuckling good win against the Dutch Defence.

      Thrilled to have my chess coach say positive things about this game. One of those nice attacking games indeed.  | Read More

    • Game of the year 2016 ! (Well, not quite... but almost!)

      I was so excited after I had won this game I immediately bought it under computer analysis to see if I had made any blunders. To my surprise (and great dismay) I actually made an opening mistake that most likely would have costed me the game had m... | Read More