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    • Now Playing at a different chess site: FIDE Online

      Hi community,  Apologises if I haven't been chess blogging these past few weeks. Work has been busy and I am concentrating on developing other life skills like investment and banking!  In other news.. I'm now an official FIDE member!... | Read More

    • 2016 Chess resolutions

      Happy New Year everyone! 2015 was a great year of chess for me. I managed to cross the 1800 ELO mark for the first time and stay in the 1700-1800 region for majority of the year. I dare say that my understanding of the game has deepened.  So he... | Read More

    • Playing against the London System.

      The london system i feel is most effective only after 1.d4 d5, not so against 1..Nf6 as Black hasn't committed his central pawns yet and remains flexible. Black should aim for d6 then e5 pawn push to 'blunt' the london bishop after which he will b... | Read More

    • Nice mate to end the game.

      Quite like this particular checkmate pattern so I decided to put it up as a tactical puzzle.  Enjoy. | Read More

    • Always be aware of tactics

      The lesson learnt from the following game is this: always be on the lookout for tactics especially in an opening position.  | Read More

    • My rook for your knight!

      Always be aware of rook sacrifices against the castled knight guarding one's king. The shattered pawn structure is usually more then enough compensation for the material loss, allowing one to get mated. Enjoy. | Read More

    • A crazy tactical game.

      Lesson from the following game: In an open position full of tactical possibilities, the side that has the safer king usually makes less mistakes. Enjoy. | Read More

    • Be mindful of your weak squares around one's king.

      I like the following game as it was thematic and instructive.  Let this be a warning to fellow chess players out there: guard your weak squares around your king and be wary of exchange sacrifices. Enjoy | Read More

    • A tale of 2 pawn storms

      After reaching a personal best ELO of 1825, my rating has now dropped back to the 1700's. That's okay with me though. Chess definitely has it's ups and downs and I'm confident that I'll be back in the 1800's in no time. (I am also currently experi... | Read More

    • Crushing Win

      Sometimes one gets lucky and gets a quick crushing win over one's opponent.  Enjoy.  (Yes, it features another Pirc defence.) | Read More