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    • A rare loss against the Pirc Defence.

      A loss in the Pirc Defence to a really strong player (above 1900 ELO on  Both of us were in time trouble and I was the first to blunder. Again, I'm not too disappointed. Faster time controls are always going to yield blunders.  I pl... | Read More

    • Slow Chess League: An epic clash

      What a game.  I gave it my all but fell short in the endgame.  Overall I am pleased with my level of play. Post game analysis showed plenty of learning points which I am keen to absorb and assimilate.  Practical wise, I need to have better t... | Read More

    • The Lethal Barry Attack

      There are times when i'm able to trick my opponent into falling into favorable lines of the Barry Attack.. as in the following game: | Read More

    • Nice Victory in the London

      Always a good feeling to have when you comprehensively outplay  your opponent.    Hard work does pay off!    Enjoy | Read More

    • An Epic struggle in the London System

      What a game! Both sides were down to <10seconds and it was thru increment that allowed us to keep on playing on albeit at a lower standard of play. Felt proud to win the following game   | Read More

    • A tale of 2 Barry's

      Clearly , my Barry attack still needs alot of work.      The 2nd game was better. Still need to be more familiar with my lines.   Enjoy! | Read More

    • Slow Chess League: A win with White in the Torre Attack

      This week Slow Chess League game (time controls 45m+45s) was  a solid win but again I am disappointed to find out post analysis that I had missed a relatively simple tactic as early as move 9. Enjoy Dear Readers  | Read More

    • Solid game as Black in the Ragozin Defence.

      Felt proud to win a much higher rated opponent. I think i'm hitting good form. Will my run of games continue?   Anyway, hope readers will find this game useful. Cheers. | Read More

    • Fighting chess game!

      I enjoy a good skirmish once in a while. The following training game (time controls 15m+10s increment) was far from perfect but it was a great example of how Chess can be exciting and fun. I do feel for my opponent who gave his all but alas it was... | Read More

    • Pirc Defence...Crushed!

      A couple of friends and I have concluded that in order to play the Pirc/Modern Defence as Black, one really needs to be really booked up as there are many dangerous lines that White can employ...    Enjoy folks. | Read More