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    • A good rapid game. New chessblog website

      Dear readers,   I have started a new chess blog using platform. It's website url is   Do check it out!    P.S I am still using source code to embed my games there.        | Read More

    • a nice rapid game.

      Played a good rapid game today featuring a common minor piece sacrifice to maintain a very annoying pin. Hopefully you'll be able to find this motiff in your games as well.    In other news,, I have successfully paired up with my opponent on s... | Read More

    • Slower Chess Controls. Official FIDE rating

      Hi all,  So as stated in the previous post, I shall be focus more on studying chess and playing with slower time controls. Consequently I will be playing much more fewer games (but hopefully of a higher quality). I have signed up for the slow c... | Read More

    • Longer Time controls

      Henceforth, in an effort to replicate conditions closer to Tournament play, I shall be playing games with long time controls on =)  My first 2 games with 15mins +10s incre time control was interesting. Won 1 and lost 1. The game I lost... | Read More

    • BKK Chess Open 2016 Final Round and concluding thoughts

      Final round and parting thoughtsFirst off, I would like to thank my wife and in-laws for taking care of my son thereby allowing me to play in this tournament.   I  must also thank the organizers for making the tournament run smoothly. There wer... | Read More

    • Round 6 BKK Open 2016 Challenger Division: An embarrassing win

      A really comical win. I am almost red-faced to put up the following game, seeing as how my opponent gifted me a minor piece as early as the 6th move and I didn't see it! But okay, a win is a win but man, I could have saved myself at least 2 hours... | Read More

    • Round 5 BKK Open Challenger Division: Fighting draw

      My fifth opponent was a friendly gentleman from Nepal. We had a good post match analysis too. what a game it was!    The game started out as a Pirc Defence. I maintained to obtain a slight advantage as White in the opening but my opponent suc... | Read More

    • BKK Chess Open 2016 Round 4: Another Win with the Black pieces.

      This Tournament has been really interesting for me thus far. Zero wins with White (0/2) but 100% score with Black (2/2)!   Today game was a nice gift. My opponent blundered strategically early on in the opening and by move 10 I was in a fantasti... | Read More

    • Round 3 BKK OPEN 2016: Missed a winning sequence and lost. =(

      Round 3 was a roller coaster ride as both my opponent and I wasted opportunities to gain the advantage. Ultimately, it was me who missed a winning tactic (..Bh4!) that led to my downfall. I've noticed in slow time controls one must really see quit... | Read More

    • Round 2 from the Bangkok Chess Open

      Round 2 of the Bangkok Chess Open 2016 My opponent was a Thai youngster who was recently crowned under 8 Thai champion not too long ago. His respectable rating of 1300's at the age of 9 is quite impressive. I don't think I was that good until may... | Read More