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    • wow, new all time low on this site...

      so, ive had a moan before about people on here being inappropriate, such as being too flirty / sleazy and making crude sexual comments. as much as they annoy me and many other people on this site, at least u can sometimes laugh or shrug them off. ... | Read More

    • its been...

      over a year since my last blog post! cant believe ive been on this website for quite a long time now. just wanted to say thanks to all the ppl ive made friends with over the past couple of years. theres some right charactors on here!! :) u all k... | Read More

    • troubles loading site?

      is any1 else having troubles when trying to load up a page on this site? sometimes when i click on the homepage or a game it kinda loads odd... like half the screen is cut off and u cant make a move. sometimes it takes several refreshes... is any1... | Read More

    • what ruins this site is...

      that some people on here say really inappropriate things. im on this site to play a few games of chess and chat to the people i play against, the majority of which are really friendly. i had a male on here recently saying very inappropriate things... | Read More

    • wow, i just....

      won the 'play against computer' thingy! ive tried LOADS of times and always been thrashed and i won!!!! i even took a screen-shot piccy haha how sad am i?! | Read More

    • tournaments

      i dont like tournaments :( they take all my points away. i entered an all womans one and all the women were higher ranked than me and so beat me. then i entered the 1001-1200 knockouts one... and ive lost every match but 1. i think i should avoid ... | Read More

    • meh :(

      im not doing well... id recently had a really good run of winning games and got my points up to 1198 which is only 2 below starting. ive now dropped to 1065... everytime i think i stand a chance i lose, and its just making me not wanna play. so, i... | Read More

    • watch out!

      after the last blog, ive been determined im going to play better so that people dont use me as an easy game for points earning! a guy on here (footheavydee) has been coaching me and pointing out some good tactics to use and things to watch out for... | Read More

    • get a life....

      u know what? im not good at chess! and to be honest, i really dont care! i only just got taught how to play in september 2007 FFS! i only joined this site as something fun to do when im sat online bored, and until lately id enjoyed just that, ive ... | Read More