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    • A commented game, after all

      I bored everybody here with my rants about my chess comeback, and I didn't show a single game of my succesful tournaments. So, in the hope of getting your admiration with false modesty, I'm going to show you not one of my victories but a draw. I... | Read More

    • Looking for English conversation partners

      Hi to all, I was thinking I need to improve my English. Reading and writing is quite ok. My main problem is speaking,which is not surprising since I lived all my life in Italy. So I thought Internet could solve my problem. I can speak with mot... | Read More

    • À la recherche du temps perdu (my chess come back completed)

      Hi to all. After my previous post I finally decided to come back to play chess for real. I played a little (only 5 rounds) week-end tournament and a rapid (15 minutes for a game) 9 rounds team tournament, in a team with a FM friend of mine and m... | Read More

    • Coming back to chess? Thinking about it

      Hi to all, with this post I just want to share my thoughts about coming back to play chess again. I don't know why, but in these days I'm feeling the old passion for chess again. In the last four years I played very very little chess, and al... | Read More


      A quick post just to say I'm not here to play long chess games (with 3 days per move and something like that). I can do that if a player want to take lessons form me, but NOT FOR FREE. Sorry, but I receive quite a lot of challanges, and I thin... | Read More

    • Sorry to All for not answering

      I wanted to say sorry to everybody who contacted me to talk, play or get some advice on the game, and... got no answer at all. The point is that when I signed to this site and offered myself as a online chess coach I was still a student who was wo... | Read More

    • My list of books on sale

      Hello, I decided to use the ad system of this website to post an ad with a list of all the chess books I would like to sell.Here is the list with indicative prices,which can be reduced if the buyer buys many books.You can contact me and ask inform... | Read More

    • Chess on ebay:first selling try

      OK,I want to see what's the market for my chess books,and how much traffic an ebay auction can generate.So I put John Nunn's "Najdorf for the tournament Player" on sale on ebay,for starting price of 4 €.I don't know what... | Read More

    • Chess books on ebay?

      Hi there. I'm thinking about selling some of my chess books (and believe me,I have a lot of them) on ebay.Do you guys think there are interested buyers?I have opened an ebay account,my nickname is chess_and_more and I think this is the link at... | Read More

    • My memorable chess memories

      Hi to all. I played a lot of chess in my childlooth and teenage years,and I have many memories chess related: happy,exciting or sad ones.So I want to write about one happy one . 1997,Cannes,World under 14 chess championship.I was a very shy boy,wh... | Read More