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    • Young Sammy Reshevsky

      It's late and I'm tired but I've recently decided to start studying the games of Sammy Reshevsky in chronological order.  I'd like to share with you some of his earlier victories and defeats in the form of puzzles.  After solving a puzzle you ca... | Read More

    • My Quickest Loss Yet

      I lost this blitz game in the silliest fashion: 1. e4 c5 2. Qh5 d6 3. Bc4...... and here's the thing.  I had played d6 intending g6! to eliminate the threat of the opponent's queen.  However I forgot somehow and played Nf6? instead.  I resigned... | Read More

    • Computer Chronicles II

      Hello, again, to the two or three people that have actually read my original blog post.  For any newcomers (which very well may be all of you) this blog is about my escapades in playing chess against computers.  For the time being, it's more spe... | Read More

    • Opening#! No. 1

      One thing that's just as annoying to fall prey to as it is fulfilling to execute on another is... the checkmate in the opening!  I must confess, I've even myself fallen prey to the Fool's Mate, on more than one occasion!  I should note that the ... | Read More

    • Computer Chronicles I

      Much of the time that I play chess, I ought to be more awake than I am due to the many hours that I spend online rather than buried in books. I haven't had any chess books in some time (they've been lost to travel) and so I mainly analyze games w... | Read More