Chessfun taking shape

The site is taking shape - it's a long process with everything else going on as well (cracking on with coaching kids, producing coaching material, planning the next stages of the project etc etc), but guess what? It's GREAT FUN!

If you visit the site, any feedback is more than welcome so please post a reply below letting me know what you think! Be kind.... Laughing

The site is, of course, still very much in it's infancy and will be developed further over time.

I am STILL hunting cartoon style chess graphics or general chess graphics with no copyright protection so if anyone reading this can help, that would be much appreciated!

I've got to add some more funky stuff to the site as well - perhaps a decent colour scheme etc but at this stage, the idea is to get the content on there for now!


  • 5 years ago


    Thanks whiteknightattacks. The graphic that was supposed to appear as a smiley face on the top of each page comes out as a J... I think that's a compatibility thing with fonts as it was a graphic taken from the windings character set.

    I have jazzed up this part of the site now and hopefully everyone should be able to see a slightly better  header at the top of each page!

    I have made some changes to the text on the "about us" and "benefits" pages as well.

    There will obviously be more content to add onto the site in the future (hopefully!) as things progress!

  • 6 years ago


    good start to the website - just a quick bit of feedback for you:

    Homepage - Is the big J in the heading intentional?

    About Us: "We have work closely with other chess associations" - should it be we work or have worked?

    Benefits: Really like this page - some nice info.


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