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    • Australian Major/minor Day 1

      There are 8 people rated over 2000 in the Major Section of the Australian Championships. Top seed Englishman David Garner failed to get into the Championship division so with a fide rating of 2178 was the top seed in the “Under 2150” Major div... | Read More

    • Australian Championships 2010 Day 1

      The Australian Chess Championship started yesterday, the 2nd of January, at the Norths Club in Cammeray, north of Sydney.  The 28 player Championship division includes 3 Grandmasters, 6 International masters and 4 Fide Masters and the first rou... | Read More

    • Poker - The Chessplayer's Disease

      As a Chess player and administrator one of the biggest problems I find in regards to keeping chess players in chess is Poker.  Chessplayers make good poker players.  Poker is a game of skill and also luck...... but in the long run, as in chess, ... | Read More

    • "Saddistic King March"

      Tonight I played an interesting game in the Parramatta Chess Club Championships.  A game that I should have lost at one stage (I stupidly mated myself but my opponent did not notice).  But it envolved an interesting king march up the board out o... | Read More

    • MightyMax Vs The Russians

      The week leading up to the City of Sydney Rapidplay was perfect chess playing weather: Wet and Cloudy.  But on the sunday - the sun did shine!  The previous week's weather must have still been on chessplayers mind as a bumper crowd of 58 player... | Read More

    • The King Hunt

      I love a good Kinghunt. Its like a pack of wild Hyenas trying to hunt down their prey.  It's not often you get the chance for a King hunt but I am happy that I recently did.  It was an online game with Benztoyz where I temporarily sacked the exc... | Read More

    • Greedy Guts!

      After a long while away from blogging I've decided to start blogging regularly once again.  I will be posting the blog both on here and on Blogger (as there apparently is some readers of my blog who couldn't find my material here (such as the Par... | Read More

    • Smurf Wins, Armen to Sydney!

      IM David Smerdon has won the 2008 Ryde Eastwood Open with a Score of 6.5/7 only drawing with Ayvazyan in the 6th Round.  Astonishingly Smerdon only played 2 of the 6 other over 2000 players as upsets were reiking havoc all accross the tournament... | Read More

    • Annoying habits at the chessboard

      What annoys you at the chessboard in a tournament? Not finding the right continuation or plan?  Missing a combination? What about annoyances? Noise? What annoys me at the chessboard is if someone is making a noise that need not be made. ... | Read More

    • Becoming a workaholic

      Hello people! Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat the last two weeks as I try to work on the BAS's for the 7 companies i work for. I'll just leave you now with my grade match win from last night against St George. I got a little lucky. | Read More