An unfortunate Turn of events

As of recently I have decided on a short-medium break from Chess.  My earlier results were astounding to me, as i reached the class A level in just six short months, climbing nearly 400 points since January.  However, it seemed to put a lot of pressure on me to perform to that level, and instead of trying to play my best game, i began to seek more and more results.  This led to a sense of apathathy for me, to the point where i no longer cared about the result, and I just wanted it all to be over.  For example, here's one of the games i played in a recent 6 round swiss (one of the prominent tournaments in NJ) which completly exemplifies this:

Heres a game i was actually proud of playing, I played it after 3 consecutive losses in the tournament:

Finally, heres a game that shows my bad form in the tournament, I would, on average, get great positions out of the oppenings only to muck them up:

I'll be returning to gameplay soon after some more studying and refreshing.

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