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    • They will be heroes forever

      Ten years ago today, countless people's lives changed. The nation changed; the world changed. On a day like today, ten years seems such a short time span. With all the reflection, I'm sure most people keenly remember where they were, what they wer... | Read More

    • The best haircut

        I got a haircut today. I love getting haircuts. I get to sit in a comfortable chair while I pay someone--a servant, essentially--to spruce me up. I love most every part of the haircut process. The electric clippers massage my scalp. The met... | Read More

    • A web of honesty

      I talked at some length in my last post about honesty. I did so because I care a great deal about honesty--and I didn't make that clear enough in my last post. What does honesty mean to me? It is one of the most important ideas in my whole philos... | Read More

    • A mosaic of my identity

      I am a fan of the Counter-Strike series of games. My avatar was taken from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. I love to play as a counter-terrorist every time, and team up with my allies to punish the terrorists as much as possible. Despite my c... | Read More

    • That's my boy

      I have a son. He's 17 months old. He is the most precious, perfect child I have ever seen. I remember thinking that very thought when he was first born, and that I honestly thought that was the objective truth. It wasn't my opinion: he was the cut... | Read More

    • Chess: It's A Trap! (my apologies to Adm. Ackbar)

      In my last post--my first blog entry ever--I alluded to my temporary weariness of chess. Everyone experiences this kind of exhaustion with the game from time to time, so I'm not worried about it. But I have attempted--many times, not just this ti... | Read More

    • No diving allowed

      I enjoy playing chess. That should be fairly obvious, since I have an account on Chess.com. So why am I posting to my blog for the first time, instead of playing some games? I've never blogged before in my life--yes, this is my first blog entr... | Read More