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    • When chess players get ugly over meaningless internet chess

      It's with a mixture of humor and sadness that I present the following. I like to play blitz chess but have had many uncomfortable games wherein the chat was abusive, foul, rude, etc. So now I play with chat automatically disabled. Then, when the... | Read More

    • Strategy vs. Tactics

      Finally, after many years, I think I understand the difference between strategy and tactics. A strategy answers the question "What..." a tactic answers the question "How...". For instance my strategy in a chess game might be to hedge my opponents... | Read More


      Well, what would you do? I had this game, up a queen, free and clear. Decent position. but then a pawn advance ruined me. I made a mistake causing an en-passant pawn exchange, and then I made a bigger mistake by capturing the black pawn that made ... | Read More

    • Position w/ins ALMOST every time

      Let there be no misunderstanding, I'm a horrible player struggling to get better. I have some weird self-killing motivation to get too agressive early in the game and  so I lose constantly. However, here's a game where black should have lost if n... | Read More

    • BxF7+ Early in the Game

      I've been having a few days of playing really horrible chess and out of frustration figured I'd get crazy and see what happened, after all chances are I was going to lose anyway. So I played this experimental opening and was wondering if anyone ha... | Read More

    • Repost - Mate in 3 with Technical Improvement

      Sorry if you saw this once. I'm reposting this in an attempt to post a working model of the problem. Mate in Three: | Read More

    • Mate in three moves??

      Can you see mate in three moves? | Read More