Position w/ins ALMOST every time

Let there be no misunderstanding, I'm a horrible player struggling to get better. I have some weird self-killing motivation to get too agressive early in the game and  so I lose constantly. However, here's a game where black should have lost if not for a little pawn providing key positional advantage. Pawns should be treasured. If you see where I went wrong before my move ...Qd6 please help me see the light because I think that at that point I should have lost.  Thanks.


  • 6 years ago


    Dear Holmes , after 14...c4 you absolutely win the game. There are different ways  to do this and you just choose one - I don't see any mistakes in your play.

    May be just one thing - you could win faster - instead of 20...Qd3  you could play 20...Qg3+ ! ......  


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